Nepal is famous for mountains, nature, religions and herbs.

Herbs are coming from the feet of Himalayas in a variety which is amazing in a sense of taste, colour, smell and quality. Those herbs benefit you in many ways: firstly, they keep your body fit and healthy and secondly, in the taste of the culinary dishes. Nepal is an untouched country from modern pollution so it is called one of the few “bio countries” of the world. The Nepali way of preparing food is very much affected by the geographical status as it is situated between China and India.

Our cooks are coming from the “roof of the world” to prepare you the delicious specialities of Nepal with the authentic recipes of the culinary dishes from Himalayas.

Families Jham and Selan proudly welcome you in the first Nepali Restaurant in Slovenia.

Enjoy your Meal. In Nepali: »La khaun ta aba!«