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India is a land rich in its traditions and culture. Indian cuisine varies from region to region: the taste, colour, texture, appearance, and aroma of the same delicacy can change every few kilometres. Indian cooking is based on three major factors: the choice of the ingredients, their proportions and quantities, and the sequence of cooking. These factors make Indian food a well balanced diet for all, known throughout the world for its flavour and nutritional values.

Maharaja, which has tradition since 1994, now proudly presents the most beloved food of the world also in Slovenia. The word “Maharaja” evokes something exotic and exciting. Here, Maharaja offers a choice of exotic and exciting dishes, which are made by the masters of Indian cuisine at very reasonable prices, and are served in a cosy atmosphere. The restaurant is managed by the Jham family, who has been in the food and restaurant business for many years.

Enjoy your meal in our restaurant:

Jham Kulvinder Singh and Matej Selan.